Release and pricing for BlackBerry Q5 emerge

BlackBerry Q5
BlackBerry Q5

BlackBerry will be putting its Q5 smartphone on sale in the UK from July 15th, with a SIM-free asking price of around  350 attached to it, according to Unlocked-Mobiles.

The Q5 is positioned as an affordable alternative to the range-topping Z10 and Q10, although observers have pointed out that the price tag reported this week does seem to be quite steep, particularly if BlackBerry wants to assure mainstream success for this handset.

With a 1.2GHz dual core processor and a 3.1 inch HD display, the Q5 is just as powerful and well equipped as the Q10, albeit with slightly cheaper materials used in its construction.

It also features a full physical QWERTY keypad for those who like BlackBerry’s traditional design, rather than the touchscreen-only approach of the Z10.

The BB 10 operating system is at the heart of the Q5’s user experience, offering something a little different than the usual iOS, Android or Windows Phone options.

With a little over a month to go until the Q5 makes its British debut, hopefully there will be some affordable subsidised contracts, to help it gain momentum and put BlackBerry back on the map with its bigger rivals.

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