Release of Amazon brand smartphone pushed back

Amazon Smartphone

Amazon got in to the hardware market with the Kindle many years ago, before proving its mettle with the Kindle Fire tablet in late 2011.

It has long been rumoured that an Amazon smartphone was in the works and some had been expecting it to land in the second quarter of 2013, although DigiTimes reports that it has been struck down with delays.

At the moment no source seems to know precisely why the launch has suffered a setback, because manufacturing partner, Foxconn, is apparently on track to build plenty of the devices, as required.

The main issue may be to do with quality testing and the implementation of the software, although until Amazon makes an official announcement, this is purely speculation.

The Amazon smartphone is worth getting excited about because it is expected to follow in the steps of the Kindle Fire HD and combined high end hardware with an affordable price point.

UK consumers could be paying as little as  100 for the device, which might come with a large display measuring between four and five inches. This will put it in the same league as top tier Android handsets like the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4.

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