Revamped Note 7 inbound

Samsung Note 7While the Galaxy Note 7 looked like it was dead and buried following its catastrophic launch last year, Samsung is now in the process of soaking up some of the damage done by this handset. Now the main solution it has found is to refurbish the recalled devices and resell them after some fairly hefty modifications have been made.

As expected the biggest change is the battery, which is a 3200mAh cell and thus quite a bit smaller than the model used when the Note 7 originally hit the market. The fires and explosions suffered by the previous battery should now be a thing of the past.

Images published on Tech Radar show that the new Note 7 will come with Android Nougat onboard, which also means that the software will be up to date and benefit from the latest features of Google’s OS.

Whether or not the refurbished Note 7 models will be sold in the UK remains to be seen, although it seems more likely that Samsung will instead target the device at developing countries, to escape a lot of the poor coverage that it received in the west as it tries to rebuild its global reputation.