Revised Galaxy S5 launches with QHD screen onboard

Image via intomobile.comSamsung has revamped the Galaxy S5 for its domestic South Korean market this month, launching a new iteration, known as the LTE-A, which has both a QHD screen and compatibility with the very latest 4G connectivity standards.

The 5.1 inch screen of this phone may match the original Galaxy S5 in terms of dimensions, but its 2560×1440 resolution is quite a bit higher than the 1080p pixel count of its predecessor.

In addition, the phone is outfitted with a Snapdragon 805 quad core processor and 3GB of RAM, which should make it quite a bit more powerful under the skin. And with mobile data speeds of up to 225Mbps achievable, the LTE-A version is going to make British buyers green with envy.

This news comes just days after leaked information suggested that the Galaxy F, which was touted as being Samsung’s first international QHD phone, will not arrive with this high end display onboard.

Dutch site, Tweakers, published this news, claiming that instead, it will stick with a standard 1080p panel. Of course, Samsung could still launch the Galaxy S5 LTE-A internationally, while speculation about the Galaxy F should be put to bed when it is launched at IFA 2014 in September.

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