Revival of the Motorola RAZR anticipated

Motorola RazrMotorola could be bringing back one of its biggest hits in the near future, with the CEO of parent company, Lenovo, teasing the rebirth of the RAZR flip phone as a potential option, according to Tech Radar.

The original RAZR touched down back in 2003 and was soon a sales success thanks to its popularity amongst influential celebrities at the time. Flip phones fell out of favour once touchscreen technology entered the market, but Motorola might bring it back now that foldable displays are becoming a reality.

Lenovo boss, Yang Yuanqing, said that the opportunities for innovation in terms of handset design are expanding as fresh hardware emerges. And while he did not directly confirm that a new RAZR is in the works, he did say that development is likely to begin shortly.

Samsung is known to be the biggest proponent of foldable display tech at the moment, but it could easily licence it to Lenovo and Motorola in order to make a next-gen RAZR a reality.

The clamshell design would allow the screen to be protected from damage, while also giving users a lot more display area to enjoy without making the phone too unwieldy.