RIM talks up BlackBerry 10 launch

Blackberry 10

The first smartphones to be running the BlackBerry 10 operating system will be on the market early next year, but manufacturer, RIM, is already in talks with over 50 different network providers, to gain early support for the platform and its handsets.

RIM itself will be responsible for two different phones based on BB 10, at least in the first three months of 2013.

It faces a somewhat daunting task of becoming the fourth major operating system to hit the smartphone market.

Android is currently ruling the roost, with iOS nipping at its heels. RIM faces the best chance of competing with Microsoft’s Windows Phone, although this platform will have a serious headstart over BB 10 and benefits from the vast amounts of advertising resources that are being put behind it.

The BlackBerry range has been stagnating in recent years, both in terms of functionality and sales, so RIM is looking to reignite interest in it with BB 10.

It stands a good chance of achieving this goal, if early evidence is anything to go by. Critics have received early builds of BB 10 with enthusiasm, so RIM just needs to convince consumers that they should choose it over Android, iOS or Windows Phone.

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