Roll out of Windows Phone 7 NoDo update begins

Windows Phone 7

The second update for Windows Phone 7, which enables copy and paste among other things, has been announced by Microsoft and is already being enjoyed by the first UK users.

The update, which is referred to by the nickname NoDo by Microsoft, can be downloaded by those who have a Windows Phone 7 mobile, which is not tied to any network provider, although they will have to plug it into their PCs and use the Zune software to install it.

Since all of the major UK networks have Windows Phone 7 deals, it is expected that this update will eventually trickle through their approval processes and become available to all UK users of Microsoft’s mobile operating system..

O2 has promised that its own version of the update will be out and about by the start of next month, while Vodafone, which has both the HTC 7 Trophy and LG Optimus 7 on its books, is being slightly more vague, promising an ‘as soon as possible’ release.

At the moment, Three, Orange and T-Mobile have not announced their own plans about the update, according to TechRadar, although if they want to keep users happy they will jump to it quickly.

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