Rumours of flexible display for Galaxy Note 4

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Samsung has hinted at making the Galaxy Note 4 its most unusual phablet to date in terms of design, which is an idea backed up by the latest industry murmurings reported by ZDNet.

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It is thought that the Galaxy Note 4 could come with a display which is not only flexible, but actually has three sides, rather than the standard single-faceted approach that the vast majority of models take today.

Flexibility is something Samsung has endowed upon just one of its models so far, with the Galaxy Round introducing the idea of a more durable display, which can also take on a curved form factor, late last year.

The Galaxy Note 4 is likely to embrace a newer version of the flexible display technology found on the Galaxy Round, while the three sided screen concept could allow for text and imagery to appear around the edges of the phone, not just on the front.

The Galaxy Note range has been a commercial success for Samsung in the past three years, but as the fourth generation makes an appearance, it is going to have to face off against similarly impressive rivals from the likes of Sony and Nokia.

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