Rumours of new iPhone and iPad

iPad 5

For the first time in many years, Apple’s product release roadmap seems unclear. 2013 will almost certainly see the arrival of a new iPad and a new iPhone, but at the moment ,no one knows when they are coming or how many different versions will actually be on the cards.

Now a reporter from iLounge has apparently been able to go behind the scenes and get a look at details on the new iPhone 5S, as well as actually experiencing the iPad 5 in person.

With the iPhone 5S, it seems that Apple’s main changes will be to the camera, which will reportedly be bulked up to sport a 13 megapixel sensor and a better flash.

The design of the iPhone 5S will remain largely consistent with that of the iPhone 5, so you can expect the same four inch Retina Display and super slim chassis.

For the iPad 5, Apple is reportedly going to slim it down significantly, when compared to the iPad 4, allowing it to look a little more like the feather light iPad Mini.

The reporter even mentions that a cut price iPhone with a plastic body, rather than one fashioned from metal and glass, is in development, to target Chinese consumers. Of course these are just rumours.

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