Rumours of New Motorola RAZR Resurface

Motorola used to rule the mobile roost, with its RAZR range winning over users thanks to sleek styling and celebrity endorsements.

That time has long passed, but industry insiders now believe that a new RAZR device, known as the V4, is on the way to market and may make its debut appearance during the Mobile World Congress next month.

Tech Radar reports that the V4 is expected to retain the flip phone design of its forebears, meaning it will not just be a case of the company slapping an old brand on an unrelated new device.

Some sources suggest that it could cost as must as £1200, which would make it one of the most expensive handsets on the planet. This price will allegedly be justified by the fact that it will sport a completely foldable display, mirroring technology being introduced by Samsung.

If such a screen is used, then the RAZR V4 could offer a very unusual aspect ratio or even give owners the opportunity to enjoy truly impressive multitasking by having several apps open at the same time.

All could be revealed in February if Motorola lives up to expectations and delivers a revamped range with a retro design and modern hardware

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