Samsung claims to have cracked smartphone battery life issue

Samsung Galaxy A7Engineers at Samsung have apparently found a way to overcome the current limitations of smartphone battery technology and, potentially boost performance, to make a device last twice as long on a single charge, according to Business Korea.

Using a mixture of silicone and miracle substance, graphene, it is hoped that the amount of energy that a mobile battery can store will be doubled, meaning that the same benefits will also be available in other battery-powered products, like laptops and tablet PCs.

It may still be two or three years until this breakthrough can be turned into a workable consumer product, but the promise of Samsung smartphones with double the battery power is sure to be seen as encouraging by fans who feel limited by current technology in Samsung phones such as the Galaxy S6.

One thing to bear in mind is that Samsung is just one of the companies that is looking into making a fully flexible smartphone in the next few years. And at this point, it seems unlikely that flexible battery technology will also be able to offer better performance than current cells, meaning that people may need to make the choice between a device with long battery life and one which is truly malleable.