Samsung could launch fully malleable smartphone in 2016

Samsung Flexible Phone
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Modern smartphones are mostly flat and entirely rigid, with only a handful of devices like the Galaxy S6 Edge pushing the envelope, thanks to their curved displays. But now Samsung wants to push things further towards full flexibility, with the latest rumours suggesting that the first phone with bendable properties will be launched by this manufacturer at the start of next year, according to GforGames.

A source close to the company is reportedly aware of not one but two flexible phones that Samsung is going to launch in 2016, both of which will be powered by Snapdragon chipsets and have a solid 3GB of RAM.

While it may seem like the Galaxy S7 is a likely target for this cutting edge malleable functionality, the reality is that Samsung will almost certainly create a separate model to accommodate early adopters, rather than going all-in on flexible smartphones with its next flagship.

Back at the start of 2014, a prototype of a flexible smartphone was showcased by Samsung and it now looks like it has developed the technology enough to make it suitable for mass production. And aside from the durability benefits, this could also provide new ways for people to interact with their handsets.