Samsung flies past Galaxy S sales goal

Samsung Galaxy S
The Samsung Galaxy S

Over 10 million Samsung Galaxy S smartphones have now been sold around the world, which means that the South Korean manufacturer has easily met its year end goal of toppling this figure with its flagship Android smartphone.

Positive reviews and its iPhone 3G S styling, meant that the Galaxy S was destined for greatness but it seems that Samsung was the only entity to predict just how significant its ascent would become.

In late December, the manufacturer was thought to have sold around 9.3 million Galaxy S handsets so it is not surprising that with the Christmas boost, it was able to round that up to the magic 10 million mark.

Sales in the US managed to push the total up, as four million Galaxy S variants were sold since its June 2010 launch, while in Europe 2.5 million were sold.

With such a huge pool of consumers enjoying the Samsung Galaxy S, the onus is on the manufacturer to get serious about bringing Android updates to the smartphone, especially since the Google Nexus S and hotly rumoured Samsung Galaxy S2 sequel, feature Android 2.3 and the latest features which come with it.

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