Samsung Galaxy A7 arrives

Samsung Galaxy A7Samsung’s Galaxy A7 has launched this week, with an eye to tackling the stiff competition posed by the iPhone 6 Plus in the phablet market.

Like Apple’s big handset, it has a 5.5 inch screen, complete with a 1080p resolution. There is a 13 megapixel camera on the rear, a quad core processor and 2GB of RAM, while the design is impressive, as it is the thinnest handset that Samsung has ever made.

As with the other A-series devices, Samsung has made efforts to improve the look and feel of the A7, as compared with its plasticy predecessors. So you get metallic elements on the exterior and an uncluttered presentation that definitely feels fashionable.

The only issue with the arrival of the Galaxy A7 is that it comes just a few weeks before the Galaxy S6 is set to make its debut. And with Samsung’s next flagship set to push the envelope, both in terms of technology and design, many people may feel the need to wait until after MWC 2014, to decide whether or not this is the right phone for them.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 6 Plus will manage to hold its ground uncontested as the current king of the phablet market.

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