Samsung Galaxy F May Borrow iPhone Design Features

Image via galaxyfrelease.comA leaked image of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy F superphone suggests that the South Korean manufacturer may once again be borrowing from its Californian rival Apple in the design stakes.

The picture, which appeared on GSM Arena, appears to show that the Galaxy F will have a metallic band around its outer rim, making it look surprisingly similar to the iPhone range in at least one area.

The rest of the phone is likely to be made of polycarbon, with this high-end plastic appearing in the picture depicting the front of the Galaxy F. But the appearance of more metal this time around will be seen as a good sign by those who are displeased with Samsung’s current crop of mobile devices and who want to see it follow in the footsteps of both Apple and HTC.

The real reason that people are getting excited about the Galaxy F is not its design, but the fact that it will feature a QHD screen, dramatically increasing the number of pixels on offer compared to current 1080p panels. With its launch expected in the autumn, the Galaxy F will be Samsung’s high-tech swansong of 2014.

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