Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recall enacted

Samsung Galaxy Note 7After initially launching a voluntary recall of the Galaxy Note 7 following issues with combusting batteries, Samsung has now been forced to make this process mandatory, insisting that every customer who purchased its latest phablet following the US launch returns it immediately.

Replacements are already winging their way to retail outlets across the Atlantic, with more than a million handsets involved in this recall event, according to TechRadar.

While just under 100 customers complained that their Galaxy Note 7 had suffered overheating issues, a further 81 reports of burns and property damage caused by the device prompted regulators to act quickly.

Owners have been advised to stop using their device straight away to avoid any of the potential risks associated with keeping it running or charging it via a mains adapter.

Analysts estimate that Samsung will be faced with a bill for £756 million as a result of the recall and replacement process. Customers can either get a new device with a safe battery or receive a full refund, depending on which they prefer.

This may damage Samsung’s reputation in the short term, but the desirability of its flagship devices, like the Galaxy S7, will surely allow it to come back stronger in 2017.