Samsung Galaxy Note 7 to be withdrawn from sale

Samsung Galaxy Note 7Although it had been on the market for only two months, the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 has experienced more problems than most devices would present in their entire lifespan.

A mandatory recall initiated after customers reported that the batteries powering the device were prone to spontaneous combustion and even complete explosion was clearly an embarrassment. But there have been reports from the US that even the replacements provided can still suffer the same fate, according to Tech Radar.

A second round of recalls was apparently on the cards, with network providers in North American and Australia both pausing orders for the Galaxy Note 7 until the manufacturer can prove that it is absolutely safe.

However it has now been confirmed that Samsung has permanently ceased production of the Galaxy Note 7 in a move that is unprecedented. Owners are expected to be able to return the phones for a refund or an exchange for a different Samsung phone.

Samsung operates across a number of industries and even builds components which end up in smartphones from rival manufacturers such as Apple, so while the Galaxy Note 7 launch has been a setback, it is far from commercially catastrophic.