Samsung Galaxy S3 arriving in black

Samsung Galaxy S3 Black

Samsung is set to offer UK customers the chance to purchase the Galaxy S3 in black, rather than the customary white or pebble blue options which have been a feature of the range since launch.

The minor aesthetic change will not alter any of the internal hardware, so you still get a quad core 1.4GHz processor, an eight megapixel camera and a 4.8 inch Super AMOLED display.

Perhaps more interesting, is the news that the Galaxy S3 range is going to be getting a new version with 64GB of onboard storage space.

This will give it twice the capacity of the current range topper, which has 32GB of flash memory onboard if you pick it up via Vodafone or 16GB via other network providers.

Whether or not you will actually need all of this storage is a different matter, but 64GB should be more than enough for hours of high definition video, hundreds of applications and thousands of digital photographs.

The Galaxy S3 remains one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially successful smartphones of 2012 and a new coat of paint can hardly be seen as something that might damage its position.

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