Samsung Galaxy S5 touches down at MWC 2014

Samsung-galaxy-s5All the rumours and speculation can finally be put to rest as the Samsung Galaxy S5 has made its initial appearance at MWC 2014. Already people are praising it for offering more of what users love without relying on unnecessary augmentations.

Perhaps this suggests Samsung is adopting Apple’s iterative approach to upgrades rather than constantly chasing the most technologically impressive improvements.

One the outside, you get a similar physical design to that of the Galaxy Note 3, featuring a bit more metal than preceding flagship phones, to boost its premium standing.

The whole phone is even waterproof, much like the Sony Xperia Z1, without adding much to its overall bulk.

A 5.1 inch 1080p AMOLED screen is packed onto the front, making it marginally larger than the five inch panel on the Galaxy S4. But it is also brighter, even if in becoming larger, it has a lower pixel density.

Samsung has integrated a fingerprint scanner, so you can unlock the Galaxy S5 in the same way as the iPhone 5S, although the full extent to which this feature will be harnessed has not been revealed.

A faster processor and a better camera will keep tech fans happy, so it will be interesting to see how the Galaxy S5 sells.

The latest information we have is the Galaxy S5 will be available for pre order in early April 2014 but make sure you register for our new deals newsletter below to be emailed with all the pre-order deals.

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