Samsung Galaxy S7 range launches with old features restored

Samsung Galaxy S7The Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were announced just before the commencement of MWC 2016 last week, with Samsung choosing to reinstate both expandable storage and waterproofing to this flagship range.

Last year’s Galaxy S6 was seen as a step backwards by some fans, because in pursuit of a stylish and slim design, Samsung sacrificed the microSD card slot and IP68 durability rating of its predecessors.

The S7 range addresses these issues and more, also adding in a more powerful processor, a camera which works better in low light situations and an always-on display, which can provide users with instant access to the time, date and notification settings at a glance.

With a rounded rear surface, the Galaxy S7 fits in the hand more comfortably than the S6. And aside from its always-on capabilities, the 5.1 inch display is largely identical in terms of its features.

The S7 Edge is larger than the S6 Edge, sporting a 5.5 inch display which makes it a competitor for the iPhone 6S Plus. It also shares the waterproofing of its stable mate, making it one of the toughest phablets around, which also manages to retain its premium look and feel.