Samsung jumps on USB-C bandwagon

USB-C port (image via

Samsung is intending to endow its next flagship smartphone with a USB-C connector, eschewing the traditional type of input for charging and syncing, for a more modern alternative. But this does mean that next year’s Galaxy S7 will not be compatible with existing chargers.

USB-C is only just entering the mobile market, with Google’s two new Nexus devices both offering this type of input. And Samsung is set to follow suit in 2016, according to sources quoted by SamMobile.

USB-C is not only quicker at transferring data than older USB standards, but also benefits from being able to charge smartphone batteries at a faster rate. Furthermore, the connection itself is reversible, meaning there is no need to spend minutes fiddling with the cable to get it the right way around.

Other practical benefits of USB-C include the ability to multitask using a single port, meaning that charging can occur at the same time as the smartphone is outputting video and audio to a separate display.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will likely launch in the spring next year and is set to be the smartest, most powerful device the firm has built so far. If it is a success, it could also help to make USB-C the new standard across the mobile market.

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