Samsung launching tougher version of Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy s4
Samsung Galaxy s4

Samsung is following in the footsteps of Sony by producing a water resistant version of its high end Android handset, according to info and images published by GSMArena.

The Galaxy S4 Active will feature most of the same components as the standard model, including a quad core processor and a full 1080p HD five inch display. The only aspect which is slightly less capable is the eight megapixel camera, which will be a little bit less stunning than the 13 megapixel unit found on the less durable Galaxy S4.

Samsung has yet to officially unveil the Galaxy S4 Active, although leaked images suggest it will come with a flashy red finish on the rear, as well as some clever design elements intended to prevent water and dust from penetrating the chassis.

This will give it the opportunity to fight back against the Sony Xperia Z, which has boasted the most durable design of any high end handset for the past few months.

Consumers are clearly attracted to hard wearing handsets, particularly if they are able to disguise their rugged capabilities beneath stylish exteriors, which is certainly the case with the Xperia Z and the Galaxy S4 Active.

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