Samsung may introduce carbon fibre smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S5 – Carbon Fibre Build?

This year there has been an increase in the number of mobile devices which use premium materials in their construction, with the HTC One and Nokia Lumia 925 both harnessing metal for their chassis.

Samsung has remained a staunch supporter of plastic with the Galaxy S4, although new reports suggest that it could soon be making the leap to something entirely different.

The South Korean manufacturer is apparently in talks with carbon fibre specialists, which might mean that the next Galaxy flagship device will come with a durable, light frame made from this material, according to Phone Arena.

Carbon fibre would be well suited to use in smartphones and its durability would be a particular benefit.

It would also help Samsung to stand out from its closest rivals, particularly if they continue to take the metallic route, rather than selecting materials from other categories.

Samsung has long been slightly behind the curve at the top end of the market when it comes to handset design and in spite of its impressive components, the Galaxy S4 is simply not as attractive as the HTC One. This balance could be redressed if Samsung’s carbon fibre partnership bears fruit.

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