Samsung may revive microSD card support for Galaxy S7

Samsung Galaxy EdgeAlthough the microSD card slot seems to have fallen out of favour with Samsung, the good news for fans of expandable storage is that rumours suggest its 2016 flagship will offer compatibility with this add on, according to TechRadar.

The stylish, premium design of the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge meant that this year, none of Samsung’s top tier phones has been able to include microSD card support. This means that users are stuck with whatever predetermined allocation of storage is available onboard as standard.

This is a state of affairs that iPhone users have had to put up with ever since the first Apple handset arrived, but previous Galaxy S devices from Samsung have all been able to expand their standard storage allocation.

While the promise of microSD support on the upcoming Galaxy S7 is a positive sign, this rumour may not be fulfilled by Samsung’s final design. And if true, it would mean that the phone might feature a side-mounted slot for the card, to ensure that the cohesive metallic exterior of its predecessors remains intact.

Removable storage is increasingly important as apps become larger and smartphones become capable of capturing higher-resolution images and video files. So Samsung would be appeasing customer demand if microSD makes a return.

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