Samsung outpaces Apple with white Galaxy S

South Korean manufacturer Samsung has announced that it will be launching a white edition of its multi-million selling Galaxy S smartphone.

Samsung Galaxy S WhiteThe Galaxy S white edition is set to touch down on UK soil via the Carphone Warehouse and it is already drawing parallels to Apple’s long term struggle to release the white version of the iPhone 4.

The iPhone 4 had originally been planned to arrive in both black and white colour schemes but problems with production have kept the white edition out of the hands of fans around the world. While the white Galaxy S is not as comprehensive in its change, given that it is the back panel of the phone that has been altered rather than the entire thing, it is still a way for Samsung to get one over on Apple.

The white Galaxy S retains the same specifications as the original, with Android 2.1 running on a 1GHz processor and looking gorgeous on a four inch Super AMOLED display.

Manufacturers have long attempted to diversify their user base by creating multicoloured ranges, although with the Galaxy S, Samsung already has a qualified hit, so this could help to further ingratiate the Galaxy range with the mainstream consumer.

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