Samsung Plans Budget Version of Upcoming Flagship Phone

The Galaxy S10 is set to be one of 2019’s most powerful and desirable devices, yet its prohibitive cost may make it a little too expensive for some prospective owners.

The good news is that there will be a lower-powered version known as the Galaxy 10e, which is still pitched as offering a premium experience in spite of its reduced specs and price point.

The hardware of the S10e is currently up in the air, but a leaked poster published by GSMArena shows that the device will feature a pair of camera lenses on the rear surface along with a large touchscreen display up front which covers most of the user-facing surface and has suitably narrow bezels.

The affordability of the S10e might be a little less impressive than some would hope, as indications suggest that it could still set buyers back at least £600. However, if the fully fledged S10 arrives with a price tag of £1000 or more, its cheaper sibling will still be an attractive budget option in comparison, even if this does show that the goal posts for mobile phone affordability are constantly being moved by major manufacturers.

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