Samsung plans to put an end to flat-screened flagship smartphones

Samsung Galaxy Note 7For the past couple of years Samsung has launched both a traditional flat screen version of its latest Galaxy S models along with Edge-branded variants, sporting a curved display. But in 2017 the Galaxy S8 might be the first phone to arrive with a curved screen alone, according to an interview with company president, Dong-jin Koh, given to the Korea Herald.

Koh said that his firm may end up selecting the curved edge design of the display as the main physical attribute which helps to make Samsung’s top tier smartphones stand out from the crowd.

In a world where big, flat, thin handsets are ten a penny, taking such a bold design decision may be a commercially sensible one, even if the rest of Samsung’s more affordable devices are unlikely to follow suit in the near future.

The recently announced Galaxy Note 7 has already deployed a curved display without being tagged with the Edge branding, meaning that this could be seen as a trial run for Samsung’s ultimate plans for the Galaxy S range. And with a curved iPhone still likely to be a year or two away from hitting the market, Samsung is getting ahead of its key rival.

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