Samsung promises to launch bendable smartphone this year

Samsung Galaxy EdgeIt may sound improbable, given that 2014 has nearly run its course, but this week a Samsung executive claimed that the company is going to be debuting a truly flexible mobile handset before 2015 arrives, according to ZDNet.

Samsung representative, Lee Chang-hoon, is quoted as saying that a smartphone that can bend and flex in the user’s hand is going to appear in public in the next few weeks, although he would not commit to revealing the technical specifications of the device or what form factor it will take.

He went on to say that Samsung is ramping up its ability to produce the flexible displays which are, of course, a critical part of making bendable mobile handsets, with up to 40,000 units a month being the capacity output of its factories in late 2015.

A flexible smartphone would not just be a gimmick, but would be significantly more durable and portable than current rigid handsets. Smashes and unsightly, irreparable bends would become a thing of the past, although you can expect that Samsung’s first truly flexible phone will also be relatively expensive, and this technology will take a while to trickle down to mainstream models.

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