Samsung quashes rumours of Galaxy S7 battery issues

Samsung Galaxy S7While the Note 7 may have been discontinued due to its combustible battery, Samsung’s other 2016 flagship smartphone is not suffering from similar problems, according to an official statement from the South Korean manufacturer.

It said that, so far, no cases of internal battery failure have been confirmed, although a handful of reports from North America allege that handsets in this range, specifically the S7 Edge, have been prone to spontaneous explosions.

The Galaxy S7 has earned rave reviews since it was launched in the spring and the Galaxy Edge model in particular is seen as a boundary-pushing device, which deserves the attention of any mobile buyer who is looking for a high end handset as their next upgrade.

While Samsung’s reputation may have been tarnished by the Note 7 recall, it is forging ahead with plans for its next phone. The Galaxy S8 range is anticipated to touch down early next year as the firm scrambles to make up for the 30 per cent dip in profits that it has experienced in the third quarter of 2016.

Users will want to see if any more reports of S7 battery issues arise, but it seems unlikely that it will suffer the same fate as the Note 7.