Samsung questions use of 3D tech in mobile phones

LG Optimus 3D
3D not ready for prime time?

Just days after LG announced the first of its 3D-ready mobile phones, rival Samsung has come out to make claims that the market is not yet prepared for the arrival of this high-tech feature.

Samsung’s Jim Powell, said that his firm would not be looking to compete with LG by releasing its own 3D smartphone, although he did argue that Samsung is still a leading light in the world of 3D.

Mr Powell believes that UK consumers will be unlikely to flock to the LG Optimus 3D when it launches, because to pack in the new technology, the firm has had to make compromises on the thickness and overall size of the device, according to TechRadar.

Although this Samsung executive is not convinced of the potential for 3D to impress UK mobile lovers in its current form, he does seem keen to observe LG’s launch and use it as a litmus test to dictate whether or not Samsung will join it in the future.

The first reviews of the LG Optimus 3D suggest that the autostereoscopic display is hit and miss, although we will have to wait for a full UK launch to get further analysis.

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