Samsung remains dominant in mobile market

Samsung Galaxy A7South Korean smartphone maker, Samsung, sold more phones in the first quarter of 2016 than any other company, allowing it to maintain its position at the top of the market and stave off competition from second place Apple, which actually suffered its first sales slide in years.

Third place went to Chinese firm, Huawei, which has gradually been increasing its grip on the market in the UK with a string of affordably priced, impressively built devices.

Meanwhile the world’s fourth biggest manufacturer was found to be Oppo, another company originating in China which is still just building up its profile as a brand in Britain.

Oppo saw sales increase by 153 per cent in Q1, compared with Apple’s 16 per cent decline. The iPhone still shifted 51 million units during this period, but there are clearly plenty of buyers who are holding out for the arrival of the iPhone 7 in the autumn.

The top five companies, three of which are Chinese, account for 58 per cent of all mobile sales. This means that many well known companies, including Sony and LG, are currently having to fight it out over a much smaller share.