Samsung Reveals Cause of Galaxy Note 7 Battery Issues

Samsung Note 7The combustibility of the battery used onboard the Galaxy Note 7 became a scandal following the handset’s launch last year, but now Samsung has finally revealed exactly what led to the widely publicised fires.

Company president DJ Koh explained that the size of the cells was in part to blame, with one of Samsung’s subsidiaries manufacturing 50 per cent of these batteries. The offending units were not endowed with the correct dimensions, resulting in a higher likelihood of overheating.

Once the initial recall had been enacted, Samsung then found that there were other flaws in the manufacturing of the replacement batteries, with detailed outlining of the failures being made public for the first time.

Around four per cent of people who purchased the Note 7 have yet to return it, with Samsung and its network provider partners urging these stragglers to adhere to the mandatory global recall.

With its reputation taken down a peg or two, Samsung is now hoping that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will allow it to regain some ground and prove that this scandal was a one-off, rather than a sign of problems which are more deeply ingrained in its supply chain.