Samsung sells 30 million Galaxy S3 smartphones

Samsung Galaxy S3

Anyone worried about whether or not Samsung would be successful with the Galaxy S3 can finally have their fears allayed, since the South Korean manufacturer announced this month that it has now sold 30 million units of the device.

In early Septembers it revealed that it had passed the 20 million mark, so the rate of uptake is actually increasing.

In the UK, the Galaxy S3 has been outselling all others for the past six months and actually managed to outstrip the iPhone 5 during October, which shows just how powerful this brand has become.

The Galaxy Note 2, Samsung’s other big launch, has shipped three million units in under a month and there are no signs that interest in these high end handsets will abate.

With Christmas looming, it emerged that the launch of the iPhone 5 might have actually fuelled Galaxy S3 sales.

The reason for the rise in October is thought to be down to the idea that consumers who were waiting to see what Apple had to offer, ended up being unimpressed and decided to opt for the Galaxy S3, rather than commit to yet another iteratively updated iPhone.

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