Samsung sets sights on gamer crowd with next smartphone

Industry sources suggest that South Korean mobile maker, Samsung, may be secretly developing a high end handset that targets fans of gaming, according to Tech Radar.

There are already a number of gamer-friendly smartphones on the market, including a high end offering from peripheral manufacturer, Razer. However these have generally been niche products and lack the brand recognition that Samsung can bring to the table.

Whether the alleged device will be sold as distinct from the Samsung Galaxy Range, or whether it will join this established family of smartphones, remains to be seen.

Of course the amount of power found under the skin of the Galaxy S9 and its flagship counterparts is already more than enough to plough through modern mobile games, so the need to create a separate device to win over fans of interactive entertainment is questionable.

There is also hope that Samsung’s next major move will not be towards gaming, but flexibility, with the oft-discussed Galaxy X speculated to be based around a foldable design.

Next year when the Galaxy S10 lands, it may scratch an itch for gamers as well as satisfying a wider audience. Rumours like this simply serve to keep the hype train chugging along in the interim.