Samsung Shelves Galaxy Fold After Early Device Issues

Samsung Foldable Phone

The Galaxy Fold was set to be the first ever truly flexible smartphone to hit the market, but manufacturer Samsung has been forced to delay the release of the device indefinitely after a number of reviewers singled out serious technical issues with the hardware.

As well as a confusing screen protector that could not be removed without compromising the display’s functionality, preview copies of the Galaxy Fold were also found to suffer serious issues with flickering and other compromising faults.

The long-term likelihood that this handset will be released in its current form is uncertain, as Samsung may well need to go back to the drawing board and iron out the complications that are being identified.

Other manufacturers may take advantage of this and bring their own foldable phones out ahead of this South Korean titan of the tech industry. Huawei is working towards the launch of its own flexible device, although there is a chance that there will also be unforeseen consequences of its design that produce similarly unwanted flaws.

The only certain aspect of this dilemma is that foldable phones will take years to perfect and that mainstream mobile users should steer clear of them until this time arrives.

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