Samsung Smartphones with Stylus Integrated Camera on the Horizon

Samsung is known for its mobile innovations, so it is no surprise to see the firm patenting the idea of adding a camera to a stylus that could come with its future handsets.

The S Pen has been Samsung’s flagship stylus for some time, arriving along with the Galaxy Note range and allowing for more precise touchscreen interactions than can be achieved with a finger alone. With plans to include a camera on board this tiny piece of hardware, new photographic possibilities could be explored in the near future.

What is especially impressive about this patent is that it covers the inclusion of a camera in the S Pen stylus complete with optical zoom capabilities. This would mean that it could capture impressively detailed snaps on its own, even rivalling some built-in cameras in terms of quality.

The patent may only have come to light in the past week, but it was actually filed by Samsung two years ago, meaning that it could have been developed into a functional product in-house by the South Korean tech giant in the interim. Whether it will ever make it into a consumer smartphone remains to be seen, but the idea is intriguing nevertheless.

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