Samsung still debating form factors for Galaxy S6

Image via techradar.comAlthough by this point in the year Samsung might usually have decided on the form its next flagship smartphone is going to take, reports from SamMobile suggest that, in fact, the production of the Galaxy S6 has hit a road bump because there is debate within the company over precisely which form the device should take.

The biggest issue has arisen over the option of endowing the Galaxy S6 with a curved display, which would require not only a major revision of the physical style of the device compared to the current Galaxy S5 but also the alteration of the way the interface works.

A trio of Galaxy S6 designs are being tested at the moment, with a standard flat-screened model being pitted against a version with one edge that curves around to the side, while another has a pair of curving edges on offer.

The Galaxy S6 is unlikely to make an appearance until April, by which time Samsung will undoubtedly have settled on which model to use, or perhaps chosen to release multiple variants, if it reaches a state of impasse. Whatever the case, curved smartphones are sure to gain more headlines over the course of 2015.

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