Samsung teases big announcement for CES

Samsung CES 2012
Samsung CES 2012

Not many smartphones get a teaser trailer, but Samsung has created one just weeks before the Consumer Electronics Show 2013 ,in which it urges fans to prepare themselves for a massive announcement at the event.

While no specific device is mentioned, most are assuming that Samsung will be using CES 2013 as a launch pad for its next flagship handset, which is likely to be dubbed the Galaxy S4.

The Galaxy S4 is thought to feature a five inch full HD display, along with the latest quad core processor and plenty of other appealing components.

Samsung has also begun to produce Super AMOLED displays which are actually flexible, which could usher in the era of smartphones that are nearly indestructible.

It seems unlikely that the next Galaxy handset will have this feature, because flexible screens are not quite viable in the mainstream at the moment. However, Samsung definitely has something big up its sleeve.

CES 2012 was originally going to be the venue for the Galaxy S3‘s unveiling, but Samsung later pushed this back until closer to its release. It seems that it is not being so coy about the arrival of its successor.

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