Samsung to end love affair with plastic smartphones

samsung-5G1Samsung looks like it could be giving up on plastic for good, as company executive, Kim Hyun-joon, revealed in a statement to investors that there is at least one smartphone in development which takes advantage of fresh, non-polycarbon materials.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Samsung is shifting focus from the affordability and wide availability of plastic, in order to embrace something entirely different. And from the sounds of things, the South Korean manufacturer is getting ready to usher in an all-metal era of mobiles, at least at the upper end of the price range.

Samsung has watched HTC find success with its sturdy, stylish One and One M8 phones, both of which have been crafted using a single piece of metal which is definitely impressive in the hand. By comparison, the plastic chassis of the Samsung Galaxy S5 can feel a little tacky, even if it has a few technical tricks up its sleeve to even the odds.

Samsung may not embrace the all-metal approach for its next flagship smartphone, but even a small change in tactics should be seen as a worthwhile update to its design ethos, that could spread to more affordable mobiles.

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