Samsung to revise Galaxy S4 with addition of Tizen platform

Image via tizenexperts.comA new smartphone operating system is waiting on the sidelines to make its debut, with current rumours suggesting that Samsung may be launching the first Tizen-based handset this month.

TechRadar reports that the device will be based on the technical underpinnings of the Galaxy S4, but with Android kicked out in favour of Tizen. While both platforms are based on Linux underpinnings, Samsung is keen to get away from the Google-controlled ecosystem that it has been tied to for so long.

If it does come with similar specifications to the Galaxy S4, then the flagship Tizen device will offer a quad core processor, a full HD screen and up to 64GB of built in storage space.

Tizen can already be seen in action on Samsung‘s smartwatches, but it has yet to emerge as the fully-fledged mobile OS that it is promised to be.

Whether or not it will stand a chance of competing with Android will largely be based on the apps which are made available for it. And the head start achieved by Google and Apple in this respect has made it hard for rivals to catch up, which could be problematic.

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