Samsung’s tough new XCover 3 smartphone snapped

Samsung Galaxy Xcover3
Samsung Galaxy Xcover3 (Credit GSM Arena)

Samsung is preparing a new hard-wearing mobile handset known as the Galaxy XCover 3, with the first images of this device leaking online via GSM Arena.

Insiders believe that the Galaxy XCover 3 will feature a 4.8 inch display with an 800×400 resolution. A quad core processor and 1GB of RAM will give it enough processing poke to handle tasks smoothly and a standard 8GB of storage space is just enough to keep users happy at the moment.

Of course, the specifications of the device are less important than its design, which looks to be very sturdy, with rubberised edges, to prevent damage from drops and a comprehensively constructed body which will, almost certainly, be resistant to water and dust.

The handset will be a worthy upgrade from the XCover 2, in particular as a result of its larger display. But for those who are seeking a flagship smartphone experience, it might not deliver the goods.

There are less durable options out there which still provide some semblance of ruggedness, including models like the Sony Xperia Z3 with waterproof chassis. But Samsung’s insistence on putting function over form will be a winning formula for some.

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