September 18 launch rumoured for new iPhones

iPhone 5C
iPhone 5C

Apple is thought to be prepping a pair of new iPhone handsets for launch side by side on the 18th of September, according to CurrentEditorials.

A budget iPhone is believed to be launching alongside a new flagship device, with sources suggesting that the cheaper model will be known as the iPhone 5C.

This will join the iPhone 5S, indicating that while Apple is sticking with the fifth generation tag to identify these phones, there will be some technical differences between them.

The more affordable handset is set to cost around  227 if you want the basic 16GB of built in storage. It will also come in a range of colours, with several leaked images and videos showing the plastic chassis that will be used.

The specifications of the iPhone 5S remain a mystery, although it could have a larger display with a higher resolution, along with an improved camera and a better processor.

Now that the alleged unveiling date of the new iPhones is just a month and a half away, fans will not have long to wait before Apple pushes all of the speculation to one side and lays down some facts.

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