Single camera setup surprises in Google Pixel 3 leak

Pixel 2An early design for a case which will fit the as yet unannounced Google Pixel 3 has appeared online, seemingly confirming earlier rumours that the handset will retain a solo camera sensor on its rear surface.

Phone Arena reports that the leaked image is an indicator that Google will not be ploughing the same multi-camera lens furrow that many of its rivals are now pursuing.

Notable recent releases, including the Huawei P20 Pro, come with two or even three cameras on the rear, in addition to a pair of front-facing lenses for good measure.

A lot of these is not just down to pushing for improvements to picture quality, but also enabling augmented reality apps.

Google’s decision to buck this trend with the Pixel 3 could be conceived as a bout of unnecessary stubbornness that puts it a step behind the competition. Alternatively, it might be construed as a sensible step; one which has been taken to avoid lumbering its flagship handset with expensive hardware that customers do not really want.

The Pixel 3 is likely to be unveiled in the autumn, at which point everything concerning its photography capabilities will be made clear.