Sluggish LG G5 sales result in reshuffle

LG G5The LG G5 arrived earlier this year, bringing with it cutting edge technology and a stylish design which the manufacturer hoped would allow it to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy S7 mobile phone range.

However, the LG G5 did not perform as well as LG had hoped in terms of sales, prompting the firm to oust some of its executives in order to realign its mobile arm and make more of an impact in 2017.

While the G5 has been something of a failure, it still managed to ship 2.2 million units over the course of the last three months. This fell below the three million figure that the company had projected, but is by no means a truly terrible amount.

What set the G5 apart from its peers upon release was its partially modular design, allowing enhanced components to be added via separate cases. And while this was seen as an innovation, it did not prove to be groundbreaking or beneficial enough to encourage more buyers to part ways with their cash.

The G6 is already in the pipeline and with new executives installed in positions vacated by their predecessors, LG may have a better shot at gaining commercial traction.