Smart fingerprint scanner tech coming to Vivo handset

While the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 is tipped to feature a display with a seamlessly integrated fingerprint scanner, the first ever smartphone to embrace this cutting edge tech will actually be launched by a rival manufacturer.

Forbes reports that Vivo will be equipping its Xplay 7 model with this high end hardware provided by Synaptics. And unlike the S9, the price tag of the device may actually be skewed towards the affordable end of the scale.

Reports of hands-on experiences with the Synaptics in-screen scanner have been positive, indicating that the screen can be unlocked quickly and securely without needing to rely on costlier solutions, like Apple’s Face ID on the iPhone X.

Fingerprint scanners have become fairly common on modern smartphones, but most are found on the home button or the rear surface. The main motivation for including them beneath the surface of the display itself is aesthetic; more of the front of the phone can be taken up by screen for an unbroken look and feel.

Samsung will be hot on the heels of the lesser-known Vivo and the S9 will certainly outsell its rival, even if it is not the first over the finish line in this particular hardware arms race.