Smartphones criticised for sapping user concentration

Lack of concentration
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Whether or not you are in the process of utilising your smartphone, experts now argue that your portable device is harming your concentration levels, with the number of alerts and notifications that it generates.

Researchers at a US university revealed that whenever a notification is received on a smartphone, the user’s mind is instinctively drawn away from whatever task they may have been involved in at the time, irrespective of whether or not they actually pick up their device to see what the alert was about, according to Quartz.

Productivity levels among test subjects, who received a large number of random notifications as part of the study, were down significantly compared to those who were not subjected to these interruptions.

Analysts even argue that when a single alert is heard by a user, it can be just as much of a disruption as actively picking up the smartphone to make a call or craft another type of response.

This means that the best way to get work done in peace and avoid distractions causing you to make mistakes, is either to put your phone on silent with the vibrate function disabled, or leave it turned off.