SMS celebrates 20th anniversary

SMS celebrates 20th anniversary
SMS Celebrates 20th Anniversary

The humble text message is one of the most powerful forms of mobile communication and effectively popularised mobile phones as a mass tool for communication, offering an unobtrusive way to get in touch, long before our handsets could send emails.

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the sending of the first ever text message and communications industry regulator, Ofcom, has dug up some interesting facts about SMS technology.

Every person in the UK sends about 50 texts every seven days, which over the course of the year, means that we as a nation are responsible for more than 150 billion mobile messages.

At least this was the level seen in 2011. Back in 2006, text messaging was much less prolifically used, which suggests that even with smartphones giving us new ways to stay in touch, the SMS has grown in popularity.

It is thought that the text message may actually have reached its peak last year, because 2012 volumes have been lower, what with new instant messaging services becoming more accessible to a wider percentage of the market.

Whether the SMS will eventually be replaced by web-based communication remains to be seen, but it has enjoyed two decades, during which it has been incredibly important.

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