Sony advises against underwater Xperia Z5 use

Sony Xperia Z5The Xperia Z5 is the latest flagship smartphone to be announced by Sony and, like its predecessors, it sports a slender yet robust exterior which is resistant to water. However, the manufacture has actually taken the step of suggesting that users would be better to avoid fully submerging their new handset in liquid if they want to avoid any damage occurring.

Although lab tests have allowed the Xperia Z5 to achieve an IP68 rating, Sony points out on its site that the tests were carried out on a device which was in standby mode, as well as making the most of the ideal conditions that professional testing provides, according to TechRadar.

So for users who were thinking about leaving an Xperia Z5 in the drink for up to 30 minutes, as prescribed by the IP68 rating, it sounds like this is less sensible than it initially might seem.

The good news is that for most intents and purposes, the Xperia Z5 will be much more durable than the majority of its rivals, including the new iPhone 6S, so should be capable of surviving a liquid spill. But for particularly adventurous users, the advice is not to try and harness any of the phone’s features while it is beneath the surface.