Sony calls time on PlayStation Mobile

Image via a time, there was a lot of hype surrounding PlayStation Mobile, the portable smartphone gaming service that Sony created to court a hardcore crowd of players who were moving away from dedicated handheld systems.

However, the Japanese firm has now announced that it is pulling the plug on the service and renewing its focus on the Vita console, according to TechRadar.

A number of different mobiles were built to offer compatibility with PlayStation Mobile, allowing users to access a variety of different titles, some of which came from the back catalogue of Sony’s older machines. But updating from the current version of Android available for any of these handsets will result in the service being rendered unusable, while those who choose to stick with their existing OS, may find some functionality ceases to work properly over the coming weeks.

The state of mobile gaming is incredibly healthy at the moment, so while PlayStation Mobile may be missed by those who invested in it in the early days, Google Play has tens of thousands of other high quality titles to keep users entertained. And, of course, the PS Vita is always there to provide dedicated portable gaming fun.

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