Sony could produce Nexus phone for Google


While the internet has been abuzz with rumours about an LG manufactured smartphone bearing the Google Nexus brand, it now seems that another major firm could be getting in on the flagship Android action.

In an image published by PocketNow, it appears that a Sony device, allegedly called the Nexus X, is being built.

The handset not only features Sony branding, but is also devoid of the usual Xperia markings, which would denote a high end handset from this company.

Instead, you get the Google logo plastered on the rear and an unaltered version of the Android interface around the front.

These are good indications that the phone is the real deal, which means that Google might be drawing on both Sony and LG for its next Nexus devices.

Of course, this most recent revelation could just involve a prototype device that will never make it to market, which might be the most likely scenario, since LG is all but confirmed to be behind an upcoming handset called the Nexus 4.

Whatever happens, there is definitely going to be a new Nexus smartphone before the end of the year, introducing a new version of Android along with it.

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